Experiences and expertise as an Authentic Ancient Knowledge Inheritor is unique and ingrained with Daoist philosophy and principles. These undertones encapsulate the core integrations of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kung Fu and Daily Wellness. Daoist thought focuses on all our aspirations to acquire longevity, health and vitality. Tai Chi Qigong Self Care for Mind Body Fitness amplifies living in the moment, as well as to improve upon and maintain the self in a simplified yet applicable approach in a down to earth simplified manner for everyone to experience.

Hi, I’m Dr Jeff Lan

As a doctor of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture and an ancient classical knowledge inheritor of Kung Fu; my main focus is to awaken dormant human health and healing potential. Amplifying the principles of “Keep the Mind in One©” and its flowability within daily action; which will allow us to move and live effortlessly. Benefits to assist us to find happiness and peace, have less stress and more energy, amplify clarity, replenish vitality and youthfulness, re-align daily discord and nourish YinYang balance.


What We Offer

Weekly Classes

Classes are online due to Cohvid. Our online platform easily assists with video tutorials, webinars, and supported media files where needed.

Private Classes

Due to Cohvid and travel distance; private webinar sessions are facilitated for that one on one session as an added personal touch to the online programs.

Seasonal Retreats

Being considerate of our circumstances we will facilitate retreats and workshops as the need and requests arise.


Real impact and effective change can be implemented with the use of AI technology to assist and invoke genuine daily wellness changes and challenges.

*Webinars are limited to 1 monthly group Q&A session per level.

The platinum level has the privilege to train directly with Dr. Jeff Lan in the exclusive live group training session alongside the monthly subscribed group Q&A prescribed session.

Earn merit on completion of each Course. Copy of certificate issued on completion.

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