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Since the 1990s International Kim-Loong Wushu Centre (IKLWC) has been providing quality Martial Arts training and Chinese Medicine treatment. Over the years we have assisted 1000s of students and patients, through the integration of the science of Chinese Medicine into the classical knowledge of the Kung Fu Teachings. At IKLWC we offer a variety of styles such as: Shaolin Kung Fu Wushu, Taichi, Qigong and Wing Chun.
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Shaolin Kung Fu Wushu


Shaolin Kung Fu Wushu is a high impact training. Work up a sweat, burn fat. Includes Sanda as part of the Shaolin Kung Fu program. Shaolin, kung fu or wushu is renowned for its Shaolin monks, animal styles and weapons. A practical system for close and distant combat and a comprehensive foundation system. Movements imitate animal postures, implementation of Qigong and weaponry demonstrates various skills and levels. Ground Techniques are utilized in higher levels to empower the student with a better understanding for the art of self defence. Familiar persons Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Sumo Hung, Chow Yun Fat, Michelle Yeoh, Zi Yi Zhang (crouching tiger hidden dragon) to name a few.



Tai Chi/Taiji Quan (absolute/perfect balance of yin,yang) allows for a logical use in relation to everyday movement, awareness, interaction and mental balance. The study of “stillness in motion” or “keep in one”. Exercising both body and mind to achieve balance and wholeness. Physical movement emphasise expansion and contraction of organs, muscle, sinew, ligaments and tendons facilitating massage, strength, flexibility, circulation and muscle realignment to the skeletal structure. A known reliever and curer of such infliction’s as arthritis, stress, high blood pressure and tuberculosis to name but a few.


Tai Chi


Qigong is a sport based concept of authentic ancient Chinese knowledge practice which utilises breath work and body movement to enhance combined functions of the body and mind as a self assist health maintenance therapy. Origins that rose for the need of better health and defence ability. Utilizing the sciences that govern physics and laws of nature; amplified by the study of Chinese medicine makes for a complex yet achievable health assist system. Movements are deeper than “what the eye sees” surface exercise. Movement working on the connectors that enable better body ability. Proven success is found in its long term recorded histology as well as the number of nations doing it on a daily basis. Medical journals have proven results but cannot explain its rationale for success. It works, it gets results, is as old as time immemorial, it’s simple, easy to do and accessible. At IKLWC we offer Daoist Qigong and Health/Active Qigong both fall under Qigong as a style.


Wing Chun is a system made famous by the boat people. All movements are as if one is fighting in a confined space. “Peng Nan Foshan Shaolin Yong Chun Quan” derivative of Shaolin & Taiji – short, close defense applications center line focused defence and attack. This particular yong chun system does not rely on brute force emphasis is placed on internal dynamics(Qigong) philosophy and principles for profound practice and execution. A system developed around the boat people; synonymous for its narrow stances, low kicks, short “earth bound” stepping, very close defensive and attack action allowing “skin touch” contact, joint manipulation and trapping action. Made famous by Bruce Lee and Donnie Yen.

Wing Chun


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