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Chinese martial arts can be approached as a Sport as well as Therapy in Exercise. Classes at International Kim-Loong Wushu Centre (IKLWC) include an amazing lifestyle maintenance plan, fitness and flexibility program, designed to get and keep you fit and healthy!

Our Space 我的武术馆

Situated in the CBD of Cape Town is close to all the tourist and local attractions. Everything is within 5 to 10 minutes reach from our training and treatment venue.

Shop Front Entrance is home to Fieyue Da Fu shoes. The stairs lead to IKLWCentre for Kung Fu Training & Dr. Jeff Lans practice for Healing and Treatment.

Body & Mind Health
Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Qigong aka Chinese Martial Arts we offer appeal to all ages, genders, fitness level and are non invasive emphasizing natural ability dynamics.
Health & Self Defence
Defense not only protects you from physical attack, but it also assists in the protection of your general health and mental wellbeing.
Training Authenticity
Our team is highly qualified and have years of accolades behind their names both locally and internationally. The team is headed by Shirfu/Dr. Jeff Lan and son Jefferson Lan.
  • Energy, Vitality Restoration 98% 98%
  • Mind, Body Coordination 98% 98%
  • Memory Enhancement 98% 98%
  • Overall Health, Vitality 98% 98%

Jeff Lan 刘又义

Registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture,

Internationally Certified Trainer of Chinese Martial Arts Coach

Dr. Jeff Lan qualified is a registered acupuncture practitioner & doctor of Chinese medicine. Studied Chinese medicine and mentored by renowned martial arts and Chinese medicine teacher and practitioner, Dr. Lin Feng-Chao. Both playing key roles in legitimising Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in South Africa. Furthered his studies with the Beijing Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture Institute, Beijing with honors. Excels in martial arts to balance the health perspective, certified 9th Dan Chinese martial arts & honorary 6th dan health qigong technical degree certified Instructor, Beijing, China.cepts.

“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing; Chinese Kung Fu is fun”.

12 Months @ 1 Style

Plus R350 Yearly Subscription
We believe martial art benefits should be accessible to everyone regardless of fitness levels, sex or age

Famous Chinese Martial Arts aka Kung Fu Wushu actors.

Actors who are famous martial artists. Most started as child actors and martial artsists. Left to right Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh, Angela Mao aka Lady Whirlwind. The list is longer.

中国武术 Martial Arts Styles


Shaolin Kung Fu aka Wushu


Wing Chun


Tai Chi


Self Defence

Self defence is taught mainly in Sanda classes and in a variety of aspects within other of our styles taught.
Guard against stress, illness, ageing, negative lifecycles & a would be assailant all within a Safe Zone.
Defence is more than beating a would be assailant to the floor. Guard every facet of our being including that which may harm our everyday health.

Optimum Health
Our coaching program is for everyone.
Ancient Chinese physicians and martial artists discovered that Chinese Medicine and the training of Chinese martial arts  can bring about powerful therapeutic effects by using the body’s own regulatory systems and self-healing potential.

Martial Artists believe that one must have a Daily Balanced Approach to Practice and in doing so Gain Optimum Health ensuring long term health and vitality regardless of age or demeanor.

Learning is never cumulative, it is a movement of knowing which has no beginning and no end. Quote by Bruce Lee (famous for being a wing chun & shaolin practitioner)


Transform your body and mind. No previous experience required.



Integrated Health & Wellness.

Ancient Classical Knowledge System

Contact us

133 Bree Street Cape Town South Africa


+27 21 422 2193

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