Cosmic Healing Way of Nourishing Life

Dr. Jeff Lan introduces a self-care concept called; Daoist Cosmic Healing Way of Nourishing Life, in a down to earth simplified manner for everyone to experience. Learn to integrate and enhance your most authentic self and live with vibrancy. Results are accessible and immediate with a step by step presentation of a multi-faceted blend of mind, body, fitness in one.

The main focus is to awaken dormant human health and healing potential. Amplifying the principles of “Keep the Mind in One©” and its flowability within daily action; which will allow us to move and live effortlessly. Benefits to assist us to find happiness and peace, have less stress and more energy, amplify clarity, replenish vitality and youthfulness, re-align daily discord, and nourish YinYang balance.

The techniques taught are unique to Dr. Jeff Lan and his experiences and research. They are easily integrated and accessible to everyone; from students, business persons, yoga instructors, martial artists, healers, and self healers. Everyone can benefit regardless of experience at any age and fitness level.

Module 1 Meditation Posture Fundamental Series
Unit 1 Standing Fundamentals
Unit 2 Seated Fundamentals
Module 2 Standing Meditation Series
Unit 1 Standing Meditation A
Unit 2 Standing Meditation B
Unit 3 Gather, Collect, Issue Energy Qigong
Unit 4 Scooping Water Qigong
Module 3 Elementary Series
Unit 1 Keep the mind in one A
Unit 2 Keep the mind in one B
Unit 3 Keep the mind in one C
Unit 4 Keep the mind in one D
Unit 5 Sound & Movement Energy Sequence
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