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Established 1990, International Kim Loong Wushu Center IKLWC. A family run initiative headed by Dr. Shirfu Jeff Lan, Shirmo Amanda, son Jefferson, daughter Anahita and our dedicated student and instructor core.

Entrance Display Zone – Shaolin Cafe’ – Street level entrance

Acupuncture & Treatment Zone – With Dr. Jeff Lan – Up the stairs

Martial Arts Training  Zone – Kim Loong Wushu Centre  – 3 floors (2 x training and 1 for meditation/qigong)

Our facilities include weights, punch bags, martial art weapons, changing room facilities. Cultural activities include Dragon and Lion Dance as well as philosophy lectures with Dr. Jeff Lan. We are one of few centres in the world that still advocate to the Authentic Classical Knowledge System. Passing down of knowledge from one generation (master) to the next student. All instructors are versed in TCM, qigong as well as all aspects of Chinese Martial Arts.

” ‘Being too clever’ destroys our spirituality, or even our mental capacity.” Dr. Shirfu Jeff Lan

Situated at 133 Bree street in central CBD Cape Town. Excellent location, 10 minutes from Table Mountain for those who wish to travel and explore Cape Town while undertaking some  training &/or treatment with us. We are surrounded by 5 star hotels to backpackers for your accommodation needs and an excellent hop on bus system.

Shirfu Dr. Jeff Lan

Dr. Jeff Lan qualified as a registered acupuncture practitioner & doctor of Chinese medicine. Studied Chinese medicine and mentored by Dr. Lin Feng-Chao. Excels in martial arts to balance the health perspective, certified 8th dan Chinese martial arts & 5 Dan International Health Qigong Technical Degree Certificate coach.

“Stop thinking, stop talking … just let go. Nothingness is somethingness. Emptiness is you and at one with nature. Quote Shirfu Dr Jeff Lan

He approaches the master to student lineage and its preservation from a unique angle. Teaching non-Chinese students authentic, classical lineage-based knowledge, he shared these “Secret Chinese Treasures” with an appreciative audience over many years. Runs workshops catering to as wide an audience as possible. Topics dealt with include treatment, diet, exercise, meditation and coping skills for modern-day ailments.

Head Coach

All Styles

Jefferson Lan aka Kim or Jeff. Born into the fraternity of Chinese martial arts and medicine has achieved much success in the field of health and fitness regimes also excells in the commercial arena as model, actor stuntman. Continues his studies academically and lineage based studies in Chinese medicine under the guidance of his father.

“To yield does not mean that one is weak. In achieving ambition,  the self should not take leave from humanity.” Shirfu Liang Dong Sheng

Jefferson Lan SA National Championship 2009 and 2010, Overall in Chang Quan, Nan Quan, traditional forms of Wu Xing Quan (5 animals) and honoured with President’s Cup. Winning Mr Fitness 2010 & Body Beautiful, 2 dan international Health Qigong Technical Degree Certificate to name a few. Jefferson runs the martial arts sector of IKLWC.


Qigong, Fan

Amanda Lan aka Shirmo. An artist in more ways than one, spent over 30 years studying martial arts (incl. judo) playing a role in martial art politics as well as the training. Achievements in her own career and business led to less time spent teaching and more toward business. A few things that enhanced training was Chinese dance, drumming for lion and dragon dance, philosophy and culture studies.

“Certification does not warrant competence level. What is shown on the floor and in daily life is the true merit of achievement.”

A classical student at heart prefers training with out merit and reward. Achieving 5 Dan Sanda instructor, 1 Dan international Health Qigong Technical Degree Certification. Amanda shares her time as acting international liaison and doing workshops in Map Me Healthy and health qigong. The major of time is spent running Shaolin Cafe’.



Like her brother born into a fraternity of martial arts. Trained since little in Shaolin and TCM, prefers spending time studying science than teaching martial arts. Has an integrated continuous study within TCM, martial arts, culture and philosophy. Assists in the TCM department at IKLWC.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” Quote Confucius

Became one of the youngest persons to enter the program as an  international Health Qigong instructor age 18years. Her talents as a martial artist is underestimated due to her size and appearance, prefers to train traditionally and not mark her achievements with accolades or being public.


Integrated Health & Wellness.

Ancient Classical Knowledge System

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133 Bree Street Cape Town South Africa


+27 21 422 2193

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