Frequently Asked Questions.

Example: Greeting your teacher in Mandarin/Putonghua

(open class ) teacher says - "Shanke"

student says teacher Hallo - "*Laoshir Hao"

(close class)  teacher says - "Shake" 

student says - "Xie Xie *Laoshir, *Laoshir Zaijian"  (thank you teacher; teacher goodbye)

*PS: Remember to replace "Laoshir" with teachers title or rank) 

How do I choose a style?
You may choose one style to start off with. At a later stage as you manage your schedule and life, you may add another style as it may suit you. This eases you into training and allows you to have a social life outside of classes helping you to incorporate training into your lifestyle as an add on investment for better health. Eventually you may do all to assist your exposure to a variety of concepts of health ability and focuses.
How often can I train?
Most styles have twice per week sessions. You may train twice or more if the style is on offer with more sessions. Shaolin, Tai Chi offers 4 sessions per style per week. You may attend them all. Check with your instructor. Doing unlimited styles allows you to a broad spectrum of choices and access to daily class sessions. Its like having a private tutor everyday.
I see Qigong has two different options?
You have the option to focus on one or the other or you may do both options for one fee. This gives you the choice to access more of a variety of routines. Allowing you exposure to a larger spectrum on offer at IKLWC. The nice thing is that Qigong training amplifies the other aspects of training we offer. So its a nice addition to allow you to access a focused session on one aspect if time becomes an issue.
What are Styles of Martial Arts?
A style is a specific field of expertise within the scope of Chinese martial arts. Example; Shaolin is a style. Tai Chi is a style. Qigong is a style. Wing Chun is a style. Kung Fu aka Wushu is the conglomerate or all encompassing term for Chinese Martial Arts. It encompasses all of the Styles. Similar to the "mother ship".  Tiger, snake, crane, tan tui are routine play/forms/katas found within the style of Shaolin. Like Yang, Chen, Sun are specific forms within the style of Tai Chi. Medical, Daoist, meditation, animal frolics, 6 healing sounds are all forms within the style of Qigong. To confuse matters the Chinese nation have many dialects of the Chinese language which make for a confusing "Chinglish" interpretation of terms.
Do you have a uniform?
Yes we do. The attire we wear is condusive to your training needs and facilitates movement as well as facilitate the health affects achievable within the concepts of training. It takes away from the stresses of wondering what to wear at each training session. The attire is obtainable from us direct and is able to be ordered online with us.
How young and old is good for training?
We start at 5-9 yrs & 10 -14yrs to the young age of "never too old". No one is excluded. This is the joy of Chinese martial arts. Each style is adjustable around the persona of the individuals needs and ability. We train as a group yet the individual is amplified. What is required is staying power, the will to be "open", non judgemental, the ability to set aside emotion and the willingness to learn is all that is required.
How do the payment systems work?
Yes, we accept card payment, cash and EFT. Payable in advance. Clients are allowed to initiate debit orders (1st of each month).  NB: All agreements are legally binding to be paid as per agreement regardless of attendance or not. Discounts are available for long term memberships. Monthly & family options are in 3, 6, 12 months choices + annual fee renewable per year.
Can I become accredited in SA and Internationally?
Yes you have access as a member of IKLWC. We are affiliated to various international organisations which assist us to accredit and evaluate our members wishing to pursue a career in martial arts or add it to their resume. Martial arts is a highly acclaimed addition to any avenue in life.
Self Defence and fighting skills?
When faced with a situation one needs to understand your own ability, weaknesses and strengths. If this is not challenged within a safe and controlled environment; then the martial artist will never be able to defend themselves adequately. You first need to understand all your abilities and weaknesses before undertaking to spar. We prepare you for sparring; by applying step-by-step analysis and logic to each situation.
Do you offer different membership options ?
We have four options available. Walk in, casual, monthly and family discounted contracts. Discounts are available for long term memberships. Monthly & family options are in 3, 6, 12 months choices + annual fee renewable per year. Family Group Discounts on Monthly Fees. Annual Fee not discounted. 2 members 10%, 3 members 15%, 4 +members 20%. Refer to price options. 3,6,12 month agreements are payable regardless of attendance or not.
Annual membership expiration?
Your Annual membership fee is due every year on the anniversary of you signing up. It does not expire until the year is up. So you are free to extend your agreements within this time frame. It becomes due on the anniversary of your joining. It grants you access to discounts with our associate organisations as well.

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